Herd Sires

Our current bull battery is made up of Wise-bred sires and bulls purchased from other purebred operations with the goal of producing outcrosses that are consistent with the current herd.

ZMA Boomerang 87E

CMAA Reg. # 519843 ∙ DOB April 28, 2017 ∙ Tattoo ZMA 87E

Sire ZMA Boomtown 610B

Boomerang daughter

Four Dees Boomerang XDW 562G 

CMAA Reg. # 520695 ∙ DOB March 9, 2019 ∙ Tattoo XDW 562G

Dam Four Dees Blk Rhonda XDW 328A

Skors Visionary 233E

Purebred Simmental

CSA Reg. # 1220289 ∙ DOB January 22, 2019 ∙ Tattoo ETZ 233E

Visionary daughter

Visionary daughter

Reference Sires

Four Dees Blackstone XDW 308A
Four Dees BLK Canadian XDW 520H
Four Dees DraFT Dodger 227X
Carbon Copy DraFT Dodger 954P
TLM Baxter 421B
Four Dees Primer XDW 185W

Irricana, Alberta, Canada

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