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For Sale


The bulls that Wise Maine-Anjou Ranch are offering this spring:

1. A uniform group of high percentage purebreds with moderate birthweights

2. Include 11 solid black, polled bulls & 1 solid red, polled bull

3. Offer unique pedigrees

4. All are developing nicely as the winter goes on


Four bulls are sired by Pick Six Trooper. This is his first calf crop and we are very impressed with the quality in these bulls as well as his daughters. The Boomerang sired bulls always express a lot of body and eye appeal and this year’s offering are no exception. The Canon sons are a consistent group with quality running deep. We do, also have a solid black, polled 75% Simmental x Maine son with eye appeal, excellent gain and a top pedigree.


The bulls are being fed an 11% protein barley ration, consuming an adequate amount resulting in favourable gain, growth and development that we demand in our bulls for performance and longevity. Please get in touch with us to set up a viewing of the bulls any time!

ZTA 702K

Canon x DBE 266Y

Dam DBE 266Y

702K edit1.jpg

XDW 707K

Boomerang x XDW 460E

ZTA 711K 

Trooper x ZTA 438D

Dam ZTA 438D as a bred heifer

ZTA 745K

Boomerang x ZTA 278Z

Dam ZTA 278Z


ZTA 747K

Chinook (Simmental) x ZTA 480E

Dam ZTA 480E as a calf


ZTA 739K Trooper x ZTA 382C

SOLD to Calvin Walz


ZTA 706K Canon x ZTA 535F

SOLD to Shane Gibson


KEW 722K Trooper x KEW 561G

SOLD to Jonathan Ewert


Seedstock for sale at all times. Contact us for a herd tour and check out our 2022-born purebred and percentage females!

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