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Custom Beef

Wise Original Ranch Raised Beef

Selling Processed Beef since 2004


Offering halves, quarters & eights. Cut, wrapped and frozen. Can be delivered for a small fee.


Each portion includes roasts, steaks, and ground beef. Other cuts such as stew beef, short ribs, etc. may also be included. Particular cuts and special packaging can be arranged before the processing takes place.

Information About Our Beef:

  • Weight of each portion varies depending on size of animal.

  • Cost is calculated on what the actual weight is after packaging and freezing.

  • When processed and hanging in cooler each side of beef is weighed, that is called hanging weight.

  • The beef hangs in a cooler for a 21-day period which gives the beef time to age properly.

  • The age of animals we harvest are approximately 12 to 18 months.

  • The breed of animals are Maine-Anjou, and Maine-Anjou cross. Maines are well known for their quality and cutability of carcass along with leanness of meat. Our family has been raising this breed for 50 years. Wise Ranch takes pride in the cattle we raise. The quality care they receive from day one, which we know results in higher quality of beef.

  • These animals are fed a balanced ration of grain, grass/hay mix that gives them the great flavor that you will experience when you taste WISE ORIGINAL RANCH RAISED BEEF. No hormones or other additives are fed to these animals.



Contact Deanna Wise at 403-630-5971 (cell) or 403-935-4395 (home).

"We have been buying beef from Wise Maine-Anjou Ranch for the past sixteen years. And for good reason! The product is second to none - the beef is custom cut to our liking and the flavour is just excellent. We get so many compliments on the beef when we share it with our family and friends. We also love the idea of buying farm to fork and supporting hard-working Alberta ranchers. We highly recommend the 'Wise brand' - you definitely will not be disappointed!"

Les and Lorraine Boake
Beaumont, Alberta

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